Scarecrows Aren’t Just for Gardens


2019-07-03 14:37 PDT

Squamish RCMP are pleased to announce and introduce ‘Cst. Scarecrow’ to its policing jurisdiction. Some road travelers may already be acquainted with Cst. Scarecrow, but we can assure you that no formal introductions have been made.

Cst. Scarecrow was recently acquired by the Squamish RCMP to enhance road safety. Cst. Scarecrow is a life-sized, metal poster-board that features a police officer with a laser speed-reader.

The ultimate goal is to keep our roads safe. There will be days we work in tandem with Cst. Scarecrow so that we can be the most effective states Cst. Gary Sidhu of Squamish Municipal Traffic. So far, public feedback of Cst. Scarecrow has been overwhelmingly positive.

In his two weeks on the job, Cst. Scarecrow has been deployed to local school zones, Highway 99 and secondary roads. He doesn’t require sleep and enjoys working in inclement weather.

Feel free to welcome Cst. Scarecrow to our community by giving him a wave as you go by, but please, take no offence when he doesn’t wave back. You can tag Cst. Scarecrow at #cardboardcop and follow him on twitter @SquamishRCMP.

cardboard cop in foreground

cardboard cop and police car

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Cst. Ashley MacKay

Media Relations Officer
Squamish RCMP (English only)
1000 Finch Dr, Squamish, B.C. V8B 0M5
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